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Organization Social Media Safety

Organization Social Media Safety is a non-profit organization that aims to make social media safe for everyone. Social media should be used to connect with friends and family, not to share personal information or photos that could be embarrassing or offensive. Our work will help make social media a more positive and safe experience!

How to use social media safely?

The best way to use social media safely is to follow these tips:

  1. Use common sense when sharing personal information online. Don’t post too much personal info, especially if it’s easily accessible (like your address or phone number). Remember that people across the internet can see this information!
  2. Be mindful of what you share with strangers on social media. If a person you don’t know very well posts something about themselves that’s private (like their address), be careful not to share this information yourself. If you do, you could embarrass them – and potentially hurt their feelings.
  3. Use social media responsibly. Don’t share photos or videos you don’t want the world to see – and be sure to get permission if you need to use someone else’s image or video in a post.
  4. Use moderation when commenting on other people’s posts. Don’t write nasty comments that could hurt someone’s feelings – even if they deserve it! Instead, try to provide constructive feedback or observations.
  5. Monitor your child’s social media use carefully! Children are especially vulnerable online, so they know how to use social media safely and respect their privacy. For example, set social media passwords and limits on how much time your child can spend online daily.

Use social media safely and responsibly – and enjoy your online experience without risking Cyber bullying or privacy violations!

Organization Social Media Safety Basics

When using social media, it’s important to remember the basics of online safety:

  • Always be aware of who is around you online – use a private password and keep your computer secure.
  • Never share personal information or photos that could be embarrassing or offensive.
  • Never post anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see, and
  • Beware of fake news and hoaxes – don’t believe everything you read on social media.

In case of any questions or problems with your social media account, please contact us.

Mission & Vision of Organization Social Media Safety

Organization Social Media Safety is dedicated to helping people stay safe and enjoy online experiences.

Our mission is to protect users from harm while using social media by providing education and resources on online safety. Our vision is that everyone can safely engage in digital life – free from Cyber bullying and other threats.

How to manage time spent on social media?

Each person’s social media use is different, so it’s essential to find a balance between using social media and spending time with friends and family. Here are some tips for managing your time spent on social media:

  • Set boundaries:

Know how much time you can pay online daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Stick to scheduled updates:

Only post something if it occurs to you; plan your updates.

  • Be thoughtful about what you post:

And the consequences of your words before posting anything.

  • Be aware of the online environment:

Know how to use privacy settings, and be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Avoid using social media to diagnose or treat a mental health condition – talk to your doctor or therapist first.

What is your Organization’s social media safety policy?

Our social media policy outlines the expectations and standards of our users. It includes policies related to privacy, Cyberbullying, hate speech, and graphic content. We also have guidelines for using personal accounts for business purposes. If you experience any form of online abuse or harm, it is essential to reach out to your network for support. You can also file a report with our Social Media Safety team by clicking on the “Report Abuse” button on our website or through our reporting widget.


Managing time spent on social media can be difficult, but it’s essential to find a balance between using it and spending time with friends and family. Guidelines for managing your online presence include sticking to scheduled updates, being thoughtful about your post, and being aware of the online environment. Please contact us for support if you experience social media abuse or harm.


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